This is the start of the photos pages.  We would dearly love to see your photos on these pages, either dealing  with members in your group and their deeds, or misdeeds.   Maybe having a BBQ or outing with your members.  Maybe some Dream Building, or just something that you would like us to see.   We are a Team, and as The Rainbow Group, you are part of it and us.  So please let me have your imput by means of a photo sent by email or snail mail.


                   O/T International Conference 1998

                                ( Got any that you would like to add? )

Allan James from Christchurch

Al and Tina Pupello from Adelaide

 Allen, Noeleen, Denis, Al & Tina   Allen, Jan McDonald, Greg Biddle

Allen Solomon from Adelaide  Noeleen Reidy        

At the Special Dinner


Allan and Mary Solomon, Denis and Noeleen Reidy,

 Frank and Bron .  Enjoying the good life

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