Investigators (Australia) Pty Ltd is an Australian investigation agency with agents in all Australian states and throughout the world.

In the hectic frenzy of today's busy world, the services of professional investigators are becoming more and more an important and necessary adjunct to our modern living style.

Far removed from the fictionalised images of Magnum and Sherlock Holmes, today's investigation services consist of discreet and competent people, both men and women. Dealing in such diverse fields as insurance, commercial and industrial investigations, tracing, interviewing and proofing witnesses etc. etc.

Such a company is Investigators (Australia) Pty Ltd.

An Adelaide based team of experienced and highly skilled investigators, capable of handling a variety of urgent and unusual assignments and associated security aspects.

Investigators (Australia) Pty Ltd obtain work mainly on reputation and referrals from Solicitors, Insurance companies, Corporate bodies, Accountants etc., but they are also trained and skilled in handling personal and domestic inquiries.

Naturally, all business undertaken by Investigators (Australia) Pty Ltd is strictly confidential and a discreet and low key image is maintained at all times.

Upon reflection, you may have a business or domestic problem which could be possibly undertaken by Investigators (Australia) Pty Ltd.


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